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Weeknight Dinner Winners

We've all been there. It's 6:15pm on a random Wednesday. You (and everyone in your house) are hangry. You ask yourself, "What's for dinner??"

After this four week class, you'll have the answer. 

Join SBT live from your own kitchen to learn a series of tasty, healthful weeknight-friendly recipes and finish with the confidence to swoop in and win dinner.

Let's eat!

Fall session coming SOON! 

Farro Salad

Farro Salad

with roasted chickpeas and salmon

Ready to refresh your recipe roster?

"I absolutely LOVED this class and can't wait to take more classes with SBT! Her teaching method and multiple camera views for the Zoom class were perfectly set up. She made the class fun, and it was really awesome to be there with people from all over the map!"

Katrina W.

"Amazing class!  Informative, interactive, entertaining and chock-a-block full of tips.  It’s the best interactive cooking class that I have taken."

Rebecca R.

"Sarah Beth is a wonderful guide through a recipe. She provides fun facts and tips throughout the class to help you understand the how and why to cook better. Definitely take a class with SBTcooks.  You won’t regret it."

Chris U.


How do I get the recipes and know what to buy? You'll receive a series of emails with full recipes, equipment lists, and tips for success. Be sure to check your spam folder if you're missing something! Questions? Just email or get in touch below.

Are the recipes vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free friendly? Yes! Most Weeknight Dinner Winner class recipes are hearty vegetarian offerings with optional dairy and fish. All recipes are highly adaptable, and SBT will give options for substitutions in class materials. Questions about adapting a recipe to your needs and preferences? Get in touch below!

How do I access the class when it’s time? You'll receive the Zoom link in several emails before class. The link will remain the same throughout your four-week session.

What if I have to miss a class? Are the classes recorded? Yes! Classes will be recorded. You'll receive a link to watch the class for free at your convenience. Classes are not refundable.

Am I supposed to cook along? Do I have to have my camera on? The class is designed for you to learn hands-on and cook along step-by-step with SBT and the group, but your level of activity it's fully optional. Your camera preferences are also up to you, though SBT does love to see your face and progress - especially when asking questions!

Will there be more sessions? Yes! More sessions are in the works. Fall session will be 4 weeks in October-November. Get in touch with your preference for day-of-the-week!

Can I purchase a Gift Certificate? Yes! Click here for SBTcooks gift cards!

Do I need to purchase two tickets if there will be more than one person? One kitchen = one ticket. Cooking buddies are welcome and encouraged! (Unless you just really want to! It is a great way to support my work!)

What do I need to do before class? Gather your ingredients and have your device charged and set up where you can see/hear and where SBT can see/hear you. Please do not prep or chop any ingredients beforehand - that's what the class is for!

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