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Sarah Beth Tanner


   Culinary Creative   

     Recipe and Product Developer

     Food Stylist

     Content Creator    

     Host and Producer

     Virtual Class Instructor    

   Actor & Musician 

Hello! I am so happy you are here!

   I have loved food for as long as I can remember. When I was twelve, every Sunday I dressed up as a waitress named LaVerne (pronounced la-VOYNE, of course) and made my family supper on an electric hot sandwich press. I even got tips - sometimes a whole $0.50 when LaVerne was especially entertaining.


   As a college student studying musical theatre, I did my requisite time in food service, and I eventually found my favorite place to work in a restaurant: the baking kitchen. To supplement an emerging theatre career, I baked for local coffee shops in towns where I had recurring show contracts. Black Bear Coffee House in Denali Park, Alaska was easily my favorite. (10 years later, I'm co-writing the Black Bear Cookbook!)

    I moved to Chicago in 2013 to pursue my varied interests and quickly found a job with the not-for-profit pie shop, First Slice Pie Cafe. I helped sling pie, train staff, cater events, and feed thousands of Chicagoans-in-need for 4 years. In 2017, I landed a fantastic opportunity as Creative Development Chef with Urban Accents Spices. I so enjoyed my 6 years as a part of the UA team where I help develop new product lines, create original recipes, and style for packaging and promotional photography. 

    Now, as a freelance Culinary Creative, I develop recipes and create photos & videos for food brands. I have also fallen in love with teaching virtual cooking classes - come make something delicious with me! It's a great way to spend quality time with friends, family, and coworkers near and far. 

  My goal is to inspire you to cook and eat real food every day. I want to help us all learn more about what we eat, where our food comes from, and how our everyday food choices affect the world around us.

  Thanks for coming along on my culinary adventure!  





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