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Biscuit Perfection 101

A Step-by-Step Guide to Buttermilk Biscuits Made from Scratch


Welcome to Buttermilk Biscuit Class!

Join SBT online and on demand to whip up the most mouthwatering biscuits you've ever tasted. Get ready to impress yourself!

In this virtual, on-demand course you will learn: 

Student Success!

"Sarah Beth’s online biscuit class was an absolute joy. She did a great job of explaining what we were going to do before we did it.  She completely took the mystery and uncertainty out of the baking process.  Thanks to Sarah Beth and her class, I now have my PhD in Biscuitology!"

George D.

"I absolutely LOVED this class and can't wait to take more classes with SBT! I loved how she explained the "how" and the "why" behind the science of baking. I highly recommend everyone take this class :)"

Katrina W.

"Had such a great time! Biscuits were truly delicious! And even as a frequent baker, I learned a few new tips!"


"Sarah Beth is a wonderful guide through a recipe. She provides fun facts and tips throughout the class to help you understand the how and why to cook better. Definitely take a class with SBTcooks.  You won’t regret it."

Chris U.


How do I get the recipes and know what to buy? Once registered, you'll receive an email with all the information regarding recipes, equipment lists, and tips for success. Be sure to check your spam folder if you're missing something! Questions? Just email or get in touch below.

How do I access the class? Once you have paid up and established yourself as a site member, you can access the class at here at on this same page to log in whenever you're ready. You'll have access to the class for 24 weeks (aka 6 months) after purchase. When you log it, it'll say it takes 24 weeks to complete but that's just a formatting weirdness. It should take 1-1.5 hours to complete the class. 

Am I supposed to cook along? YES! This class is designed for you to learn hands-on and cook along step-by-step with me, but your level of activity it's fully optional. I highly recommend watching the short videos that accompany each step before completing that step in your own process.

Can I purchase a Gift Certificate? Yes! Click here for SBTcooks gift cards!

What do I need to do before class? Gather your ingredients and have your device charged and set up where you can see and hear well. Do not prep or chop any ingredients beforehand - that's what the class is for!

Are the recipes vegetarian/vegan friendly. Yes! It's easy to make plant-based biscuits. Just substitute the butter for your favorite plant-based shortening, use a plant-based milk (mixed with a touch of lemon juice or white vinegar!), and omit the egg wash. Voila: vegan biscuits!  Questions about adapting a recipe to your needs and preferences? Get in touch below!

Is the recipe gluten-free friendly? The answer is here is maybe. You can make gluten-free biscuits using a standard 1-to-1 replacement flour product, but honestly, they don't taste very good. I recommend experimenting with gluten free grains like sorghum or buckwheat flour, but I can't guarantee success with this flour-fat-liquid ratio.

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