Seasonal Galette Class
with SBTcooks
Learn to make the most beautiful treat of any season!

Galettes - or open faced pies - aren't just the most beautiful food pics on Instagram!

These stunners are bursting with the season's most delicious bounty, and they come together without the stress of a 'perfect pie'. In fact, the beauty of a rustic galette is in the imperfections.

  • The most beautiful treat of the season - no matter what time of year!

    45 US dollars

During this two-hour class, I'll use two cameras to demystify the baking process, answer real-time questions, and share all my best baking tips and tricks. We'll start with a simple, versatile all-butter pie dough, and then prep our produce and fillings. We'll work step-by-step to roll out, fill, and fold our crusts. While our galettes are baking, we'll make a surprisingly easy slather, drizzle, or dollop to accompany our creations. At the end of class, you'll have two delicious, medium-sized galettes to enjoy or to share!