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You do not need a Twitch account to watch the SBTCooks live streams.

Just sit right here and the stream will start in the player above when I hit 'go'! 

If you would like to use the on-screen chat feature to interact with me and other

viewers during a stream (aka: the best part!), you will need a Twitch account.

But don't worry, it's easy!

Just like any other social media platform, you only need your email address to create an account.

If you're only interested in watching the SBTCooks channel, there's no need to flesh out your profile or 'channel'.

Just be sure to hit the 'FOLLOW' button on my channel, and you're all set!

There many other features Twitch offers it's qualifying streamers including: bits (aka $0.01 tips), the ability to offer monthly paid subscriptions (working on that one!), advertising revenue sharing, and merchandise sales.

More on those as they come up!

Go on! Give it a try! Pick a silly user name and come chat with me during my next stream. It'll be a hoot! 

Twitch is an online live-streaming platform used (mostly) by video gamers to broadcast

game play and share their experience with friends and followers in real-time.

Other folks have begun to use Twitch in creative ways to stream hobbies like crafting, painting, chess, and cooking.





Weeknight dinner

For weeknights, I like to let dinner figure itself out. I usually go with whatever looks good at the store or whatever odds and ends wind up in my fridge.




big cook

I like to dig into a more complicated recipe on the weekends. Join me on Saturday or Sunday afternoon for a long stream!





In the works

Refrigerator Pickles

Chimmichurri Salmon

Chicken Tikka Masala

Lots more!

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