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Caramelized onion & steak crostini

Join SBT for a short-n-savory option!

In this 90 minute class, you'll practice basic knife skills, melt sweet onions into savory jam, and nail the sear AND temperature on a beautiful sirloin steak. Pile it all onto a perfectly toasted crostini, top it with blue cheese and fresh herbs, and you've got yourself one classy appetizer! 
The class is easily adapted for vegetarians: we just omit the steak and focus on the jammy onions. 
All classes are held live via Zoom. About a week before class, you'll receive a downloadable PDF of the full class recipe including lists of ingredients, equipment, and tips for success. One day in advance you'll receive a reminder with the class link. Once we're all gathered, we'll work step-by-step as a team. It's a blast!
During class, I'll use a two-camera setup to shine light on the art of caramelizing and searing, answer questions, and share a lifetime of tips and tricks.

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